Latest and ongoing projects.

Subterranean Politics

Comprising work in painting, photography, text and more, this collection meditates on the ways in which the unconscious and the political are tied up in one another, on blackness and on yearning. Opening night is August 11, 2017.

Ceremony of the Post-Human (2015-2017)

A collection of photographs made at Party Noire, a Chicago-based event whose attendees include a range of young artists and thinkers of color. These photos and this event consider the persistence of the ceremonial as a means through which epistemic shift enters. 

I've titled it 'Ceremony of the Post Human' as a nod to Jamaican theorist Sylvia Wynter, whose work has deeply influenced my inquiries across disciplines. Her 'The Ceremony Must Be Found: After Humanism' provides the basis for my idea that representing this particular ceremonial might aid in the inauguration of a shift in cultural codes. 


a portrait of the Founder (2016)

A photographic exploration of intersecting concept of the "Founder." Commissioned through the Hyde Park Art Center's "Not Just Another Pretty Face" 2016 Exhibition.