To all the creatives who doubt the gifts of their creator when times get hard.

And god said: you will have a depth of lows to match the height of your highs, and are you prepared for that. Some nights you will curse your own breath, and your special burden to hold up a mirror to the eyes of those who need it. But though it is gifted, this talent is no present. It is a responsibility. You are responsible for your awareness in every endeavor. Never play with a blessing, for it can shift to a curse swifter than your eyes can fathom. The spirit is no game. So pay attention to the stories of those who failed to imagine the consequences of their behavior. Death is more than simply closure. It’s an opening to the next reality. And what you run from on this realm will chase you right through. There is no escaping the energy inside you. The energy that comprises you. And you are a dream that the divine decides through. Decides with. You are a decision maker, change taker -- embrace it. Face it. Let the saints be a blanket before all the eyes of the watchers to fall as the pain lifts, and the eyes of all being become focused on shameless beauty. For you are the shameless beauty in I am. You are a great and loved incarnation of the ascendancy of man. But god said the depth of your lows must match the height of your highs and that’s a message not everyone will understand. They will embrace your beauty and ignore your pain. This is part of what it means to be a beacon. Jesus came to life only to be weakened by people who spat upon his love with hatred and evil. This place is no playground for dreamers. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t made for them. It’s just that the only way some people know how to deal with a shift in their perspective is through denial and violence. Forgive the ignorant for they know not what they do, because they know not what they are, because you still have work to do. And god said: let there be a light that refuses to die even when great ones get bullets through their frames, or bombs in their bedrooms, or poisons in their brains. Let there be a light that transcends war games and peace talks and blood baths and the commandeering of planes into buildings to make a statement in god's words in the darkness of a stage, while the hopeful eyes watch you contend with the pain of doing what you cannot not do. Let there be consciousness enough inside you to keep going when the lows come in droves and the highs seem to be running because the same is true for you. What you must be is true. What you must be is sight. You are the way. The truth. And your voice is the light. (c) 2011