New Fiction, "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down," appears in Catapult

On Friday, January 19, my newest short story, "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down," was published in Catapult. It's about love, yearning, jazz, neighborhood change and the strange poetics of their interactions in two lovers. It's told from the perspective of a lover who struggles for vision, though he's rooted in practices of blindness. It's about more than that, too; you'll see that when you read it. A heads-up: it's a little NSFW in parts. Head over to Catapult to check it out.



You may recognize the cover image from my series "The Art of Yearning." Special thanks always to Nkechi Njaka and Dorlan Curtis, Jr. for being present for that shoot.

Special thanks, furthermore, to Kimbilio Fiction for edits and guidance, and to Bassey Ikpi and Mensah Demary at Catapult for editorial feedback.